Attacking ChildhoodHunger Together

Providing a simple evening meal to children living at or near the poverty level is a powerful act alone. When we rally our community together to make that meal possible through service, education, and urban agriculture we are able to attack childhood hunger in two critical ways: providing nourishment children need now, and equipping them with the education needed to make healthy food choices lifelong.

   Sack Suppers

Sack Suppers

What is a Sack Supper? It is a free, well-balanced evening meal full of nutritious food delivered to children so that they can perform their best. Sack Suppers are distributed within classrooms at the end of each school day and during summer programs too, meaning every child in needs can get one easily and safely. Kids’ Food Basket serves children who attend schools where 70% or more of the student population receive free or reduced-cost lunch.

Every Sack Supper contains:

  • One serving of fruit
  • One serving of vegetables
  • One serving of protein
  • A healthy snack



Because childhood hunger is an issue that affects our whole community, the work to end it should engage the whole community. Every person has the ability to serve and be a part of the solution to childhood hunger. Volunteers drive our success, helping keep our mission alive and local children fed. Each day, hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds give their time to nourish children so they can thrive.


   Kids Helping Kids

Kids Helping Kids

Our Kids Helping Kids program helps students realize their potential through philanthropy, volunteerism, and civic engagement. Every child, those affected by hunger and those who are not, has the power to serve and be civically engaged student leaders in their community. One-third of volunteers are under age 18. By creating an avenue for kids to develop skills in leadership, advocacy, philanthropy, community involvement, problem solving and public speaking, we’re equipping them to pioneer solutions to critical issues within their communities and beyond. 1 in 5 children are affected by hunger in West Michigan. Five in five kids have the power to help end it.


  Urban Growing & Experiential Learning

Urban Growing

A generation of healthy, nourished West Michigan children depends ON YOU. Join us as we go from Seed to Sack Supper. Urban Growing increases healthy food access and education. Our community is helping to grow produce for our Sack Suppers and provide education for youth and families. Attacking hunger from all angles is important in the fight. With our Urban Growing initiative we attack from the source.

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