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Nourishing kids to be their best,
in school and in life.

We nourish children living at or near the poverty level with critical evening meals to level the playing field for their academic achievement. Equipping children and families with greater access to fresh, locally grown food can help us build a more vibrant, healthier West Michigan.

Your Community’s Children Need You

There is nothing fun about childhood hunger, but changing the world can be fun! Jump in with Kids’ Food Basket and find out how you can start making the world a better place today!

A Campaign for West Michigan Children

Why We Need You


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We face urgent challenges of poverty, inequity and health in West Michigan. Regardless of the story, each child we serve and each child that remains on our waiting list needs Kids’ Food Basket. And we need you. Together, we can build a better nourished, healthier future for our community’s kids.

Maya's Story Maya's Story The very first time Maya received her Sack Supper, she brought half of it with her to school the next day. She brought half a banana, half a bag of carrots, half a juice box and so on. Puzzled, Maya’s teacher asked her why she brought her Supper back. Didn’t she like the food? Maya responded she knew she’d be hungry the very next day so she saved it, making it last. Maya didn’t realize she would be receiving a Sack Supper every day and wanted to make sure she had enough to eat the following day. Jon's Story Jon's Story Jon, a very quiet, shy student was caught putting tacos from the school lunch line into his pockets. A teacher saw Jon doing this and reprimanded him for taking extras when he wasn’t supposed to. Jon was never the type of student to get into trouble. When pulled aside and asked why he took the extra tacos, Jon looked up and began to cry. He said “I don’t know if I am going to get to eat again later.” Jon was signed up for Sack Suppers and no longer has to steal food or worry about going home hungry. Dylan's Story Dylan's Story Dylan, an eight year old boy, came in with his grandparents to drop off a $2 donation. Dylan showed the flier from his school explaining a charity fundraising project. He then said that he used to be one of the kids who received Sack Suppers. His grandma explained that Dylan’s life had been very different. He received Sack Suppers up until he came to live with them. Now when he looks in the cupboard, there is food for him to eat. He said that he was excited to be able to give to Kids’ Food Basket after having received the Sack Suppers. Kimberly's Story Kimberly's Story One staff member vividly remembers a conversation she had with Kimberly, a 4th grade student at Godfrey Lee Elementary. As Kimberly pulled a bright red baby bell pepper from her bag she exclaimed to the staff member, "I'm going to cry!" Our staff member knelt down beside Kimberly and asked why she was going to cry, unsure of how best to respond. "Are these happy tears or sad tears?" the staff member asked. "Happy! I've never had a bell pepper before," Kimberly said excitedly as she took a big, crunchy bite from the bell pepper with a smile on her face.

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