Sack Suppers nourish lives.

A Sack Supper is a well-balanced evening meal delivered right to a child’s classroom or summer site, filling a gap not being met. Every Sack Supper is made possible through care and support from a diverse group of West Michigan neighbors, local organizations and statewide partnerships. Together as a community, we serve thousands of children for thousands of reasons—and all children need good nutrition to be healthy and reach their potential.

But why is the Sack Supper so important? What’s in the bag?

Brain Food

Brain Food

Brain Food…containing great nutrition…it’s the key to education

It’s hard to think when you’re hungry. Research shows that nutrition is vital to brain development. The Sack Suppers you’re supporting contain items from all five food groups and help kids concentrate and stay on track in school! Sack Suppers feed the mind.

The facts!

Despite being employed, one in four (40%) households across the state struggle to afford their basic necessities, such as food.

Nutrition is the key to fueling healthy development

Hunger, combined with other symptoms and conditions of poverty, can dramatically alter the architecture of children's brains, making it impossible for them to reach their full potential.

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Teaching smart food choices now creates a path to lifelong wellness

After school, it’s not always easy to find healthy foods. Our Sack Suppers provide balanced meals as examples of good nutrition. By forming these habits early, kids will learn to make lifelong healthy eating decisions. Sack Suppers feed the body.

The facts!

1 in 5 children are affected by hunger and often has limited access to fresh, healthy foods on a regular basis. Outnumbering supermarkets and farmers markets, fast food and corner stores often are easily accessible, resulting in inadequate consumption of healthy foods and overconsumption of unhealthy foods.

Nourishment for Life

Children who do not consistently eat fruits and vegetables at a young age are less likely to build lifelong healthy eating habits. By increasing access for children we serve, Kids’ Food Basket is influencing healthy eating habits for life.

Touch of Love

Touch of Love

A touch of love…Sack Suppers feed the soul

Love is the secret ingredient in the Sack Supper. Each meal is funded and packed by people like you. It’s that support and dedication that support these children and keep them healthy and smart.

The facts!

Childhood hunger is an issue that weakens our whole community. Ending it is possible only when the effort includes our entire community as well. By being intentionally inclusive of individuals of all abilities, as well as racial and socio-economic backgrounds, we have not only expanded our ability to attack childhood hunger, but improved it.

Building a stronger community

Designing our facilities for wheelchair access and groups with special needs, creating off-site volunteer projects for those with transportation barriers, and providing opportunities for youth as young as five years old to volunteer are just a few of the ways we are building a diverse movement of caring community supporters.

One Hour of Your Time

Hundreds of volunteers come together every day to prepare, pack, decorate and deliver meals that help kids learn and live well. It’s an easy, fun and highly rewarding experience.

Can you give one hour a month? We invite you to take one hour this month and give it a try!

Your Community’s Children Need You

There is nothing fun about childhood hunger, but changing the world can be fun! Jump in with Kids’ Food Basket and find out how you can start making the world a better place today!


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