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KFB Volunteer of the Week: Skye

Volunteers at Kids’ Food Basket fuel our mission each day through planting, harvesting, prepping, packing, and delivering nourishing food. They drive our success and help all children thrive.

At Kids’ Food Basket we are proud to welcome individuals of different ages, races, backgrounds and abilities. Over 33% of our volunteers are under the age of 18  – we love when kids come to KFB and give their time to help other kids in their community!

Everyone can make a difference at Kids’ Food Basket! 

We are so grateful to every single volunteer that engages with us as we would not be able to nourish children to reach their full potential if it wasn’t for their generosity and compassion for their community and neighbors.

Name: Skye
Age: 7
KFB Volunteer Experience:
Farm Volunteer

Meet Skye! She is a seven-year-old from Hudsonville who is in the second grade this year. As part of her virtual learning for school, she had the opportunity to come to Kids’ Food Basket to volunteer on the farm to gain hands-on experience learning about how things grow. 

Skye spent the afternoon with her Grandma Linda and Farmer Jason planting strawberries in the field and harvesting seeds from marigolds. 

After volunteering, Skye got to taste test some of the fresh vegetables.

How was your volunteer experience at Kids’ Food Basket?
I had a great time – I loved it! I hope I get to come and volunteer again! Farmer Jason was so nice because he let me keep a pumpkin to take home. 

What was your favorite part about volunteering on the farm?
I loved it when Miss Stephanie let me cut some sunflowers and then give me a snack. 

What vegetables did you get to try?
Yellow beans and beets. No way have I  ever tried yellow beans or beets before. 

What did you think of the veggies you tasted?
The beans were really crunchy!