KFB Volunteer of the Week: Jada Thomas

Volunteers at Kids’ Food Basket fuel our mission each day through planting, harvesting, prepping, packing, and delivering nourishing food. They drive our success and help all children thrive.

Our volunteers on the Farm give their time and talents to help us grow beautiful, healthy, and life-affirming vegetables and fruits

Many of our Sack Supper packers have been a part of the mission since the very beginning.  Whether they have been with KFB for 18 years, or it is their first time as a packer, their impact goes far beyond the shift.  They pack thousands of meals with kindness and love to ensure thousands of children across West Michigan receive a healthy nourishing meal each evening.

We are so grateful to every single volunteer that engages with us as we would not be able to nourish children to reach their full potential if it wasn’t for their generosity and compassion for their community and neighbors.

Name: Jada Thomas
Age: 19
Occupation: Calvin College Student
KFB Volunteer Experience: Farm and Packing

How did you first hear about Kids’ Food Basket?
I first learned about Kids’ Food Basket online.

Why did you choose to volunteer? How long have you been volunteering?
My dad encouraged me to start volunteering. As a student at Calvin, his company sponsored me and my volunteer hours throughout the summer go towards a stipend for school.

What is your favorite part about volunteering at Kids’ Food Basket?
My experience volunteering has been good. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know anyone. Kay, the volunteer experience specialist, showed me around the place. I started volunteering on the packing floor, but she eventually showed me to the farm to see if that would be a more fun fit for me. However, I like doing both the packing of Sack Suppers and harvesting on the farm.

Describe your experience with Kids’ Food Basket in one word:

What is one thing you learned while you were volunteering?
Farmer Jason has taught me a lot about growing food.

 Why should someone volunteer?
Volunteering is fun, it is also a great way to meet new people. It is also a great experience that helps people.

Favorite fruit or vegetable?
My favorite fruit is red grapes and strawberries. My favorite vegetable and cucumbers and tomatoes.

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