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Grand Rapids Community Partner

Amway has been committed to improving nutrition access and programming for our West Michigan kids since 2002. They have continued to deepen their impact, leveraging their passion and best practices, by infusing their knowledge of sustainable farming into our new Urban Growing and Experiential Learning Program. That is why we are excited to share the name of our new farm: Kids’ Food Basket Farm Strengthened by Nutrilite Exclusively by Amway. The name is in recognition of their dedication to educating youth and adults alike on the immense value of nutrition and health. We are grateful for our partnership and the opportunity to take part in events like the Amway Fireworks and Amway River Bank Run. Interested in finding ways to get your company involved? We want to hear from you! Contact Ashley.Diersch@kidsfoodbasket.org.

Muskegon Community Partner

Kids’ Food Basket is so grateful to be partnering with the Mercy Health Community Benefit Board Initiative for a three-year matching grant to expand services into our sixth school, Orchard View Early Elementary. This partnership will allow Kids’ Food Basket to begin serving an additional 150 early head-start, kindergarten and first grade students – many of which are siblings to students we most recently began serving at Cardinal Elementary last January. This matching grant benefits Kids’ Food Basket with a challenge to match their funds donated to continue to build capacity and sustainability within our Muskegon program. We are incredibly grateful for the Project Advisory Board at Mercy Health, their leadership and mentorship as they help nourish kids in our community.

Special thanks to the Osteopathic Foundation of West Michigan for generously underwriting this newsletter! Interested in finding ways to get your company involved? We want to hear from you! Contact Stephanie.Kerr.Cathey@kidsfoodbasket.org.

Holland Community Partner

Our friends at Back to Health Chiropractic believe good food has the power to shape lives! Guided by their commitment to a strong West Michigan, they have engaged at every level of the organization by collecting Wish List items, hosting a community Kids’ Food Basket day, hosting brown bag decorating events, and providing financial support. Most recently, they have given their time treating Kids’ Food Basket volunteers with free appreciation messages. Special thanks to Back to Health Chiropractic for lending your hearts and hands, while inspiring the community to get involved and create positive change.
Interested in finding ways to get your company involved? We want to hear from you!
Contact Sean.Little@kidsfoodbasket.org.

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