Healthy Kids Club

Commitment: Recurring monthly gift (big or small!)

Best for: Anyone

You’re invited to join the Healthy Kids Club!

When you invest monthly, you join a passionate community who cares about nourishing local kids. Your monthly commitment (big or small) removes barriers and creates infinite possibility. Join us!

Your monthly gift supports


Well-balanced evening meals called Sack Suppers that give kids the nourishment they need to thrive.



Access to healthy food and experiential learning on our 10-acre farm and facilities. Kids learn about fresh food, and gain skills to make informed choices.



Volunteer, service and leadership opportunities that empower youth to get involved in their communities to create positive change.


Look at the impact you could make with your monthly gift!

$11 can provide seeds to grow 100 pounds of fresh produce, nourishing kids to be their best
$35 can provide nutritious, ready-to-eat Sack Suppers to an entire class for one day
$50 can provide bananas, full of potassium, to an entire class for one month
$70 can allow a class of students we serve to participate in a trail mix making project
$90 can provide sunflower seeds to an entire class for one month

As a charitably funded organization, we are funded by you, our generous supporters and community. Join now to ensure local kids have the nutrition they need to reach their full potential.


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