Meet James Allen Ver Meulen

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“The slab tells you what to do.”

Meet James Allen Ver Meulen! This self-described urban lumberjack made the incredibly generous decision to gift Kids’ Food Basket with a handmade board room table that is every bit as functional as it is a major piece of art. Crafted from four slabs of 150 year-old black cherry farmhouse wood and featuring an open center, this piece is titled “The Great Divide”.  We are beyond grateful for this beautiful piece of functional art.

James committed himself to the project by taking a month off from his everyday work to focus on creating the table. It is beautiful and thoughtfully designed; even featuring a matte glaze finish intended to cut down on glare. Each of the four wooden slabs weighs between 300-400 pounds, and the legs and base weigh 2000 pounds. The tabletop is emblazoned with James’ logo for Cedar Mill Design.

James stressed the importance of having a meaningful place where impactful decisions are made and where conversations around social justice abound. He feels the space in the center of the table is an inspiration and reminder to fill the gaps for those who cannot.

“The Great Divide” was recently installed at its permanent home, Kids’ Food Basket in Grand Rapids.

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