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Kids’ Food Basket Friends & Supporters:

It is hard for many of us to truly understand the power of hunger and undernourishment in the life of a young person. We all know the feeling of being hungry, but for thousands of young people in our community, persistent hunger is a reality negatively impacting their daily lives. In fact, according to the Kids Count Data Center by the Annie E. Casey Foundation,

  • over 48,000 children in Kent County qualify for free or reduced cost school lunch. With 15 schools on our waiting list, we are only serving 12.5% of the need,
  • almost 16,000 children in Muskegon County qualify for free or reduced cost school lunch. With 12 schools on our waiting list, we are only serving 7% of the need,
  • and, almost 15,000 children in Ottawa County qualify for free or reduced cost school lunch. With 3 schools on our waiting list, we are only serving 6% of the need.

Growth is both necessary and critical for a strong West Michigan. Investing in Kids’ Food Basket isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do-it’s an investment in the future economic success of our region.

While a Sack Supper isn’t the only thing that helps kids succeed, it’s a basic need at a critical time in their lives. Good, consistent, nourishing food every day allows West Michigan kids to focus on things that shape their future success and not where their next meal will come from.

This cycle of poverty and hunger deprives kids of a quality education which is most likely their key to a path out of poverty. Individuals who experience poverty as children are more likely to experience poverty as adults, are less likely to graduate high school and go on to secondary education and are less likely to have consistent jobs as young adults. An investment in our children and an investment in breaking down the barriers of poverty is far more powerful than you may think.

The data proves that well-nourished kids have less truancy, less sicknesses, significantly less behavioral issues, and significantly increased academic scores. Furthermore, it’s estimated that for every dollar spent on reducing childhood poverty, our communities would save at least seven dollars with respect to the economic costs of poverty. Again, for every one dollar spent to reduce poverty, we save at least seven dollars on the cost of poverty. Investing in Kids’ Food Basket is truly investing in the current and future economic success of West Michigan.

When you give your time and resources, you are helping to break this cycle. You are both attacking childhood hunger in your community and helping to break down the barriers that prevent our local kids from reaching their full potential.

Kids’ Food Basket’s programming is charitably funded, meaning every healthy meal for our kids is funded by YOU, our generous supporters and community.

At Kids’ Food Basket, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential – a chance to write their own story, not just the one handed to them. YOU help us serve 8,000 children evening meals every weekday between Kent, Muskegon and Ottawa Counties—that’s service to 47 West Michigan elementary schools! Sack Suppers are more than just an evening meal, they are a powerful tool for creating long-term impact.

With deep gratitude on behalf of our kids,


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