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KFB Volunteer of the Week: Matt and Koyuki Buckhold

Volunteers at Kids’ Food Basket fuel our mission each day through planting, harvesting, prepping, packing, and delivering nourishing food. They drive our success and help all children thrive.

Many of our Sack Supper packers have been a part of the mission since the very beginning. Whether they have been with KFB for 18 years, or it is their first time as a packer, their impact goes far beyond the shift. They pack thousands of meals with kindness and love to ensure thousands of children across West Michigan receive a healthy nourishing meal each evening.

We are so grateful to every single volunteer that engages with us as we would not be able to nourish children to reach their full potential if it wasn’t for their generosity and compassion for their community and neighbors.

Name: Matt and Koyuki Buckhold 
Occupation: Father and Daughter
KFB Volunteer Experience: Packing

How did you first hear about Kids’ Food Basket? 
“It was actually through my son. He was looking for volunteer hours a few years ago. He and I started at the old location in Grand Rapids. He is 15 years old now. Our daughter started to engage back in 2019 and then we started coming back together since the pandemic started.” -M

Why did you choose to volunteer? How long have you been volunteering? 
“Volunteering has been a huge part of my life. I have volunteered at Family Promise when I was in Middle School, was in student council and even helped at an orphanage in Malaysia when my family lived in Kuala Lumpur for four years. When my Dad would come with my brother, he told me all about the organization and how great it was. While I volunteered at other organizations, those didn’t offer a routine and frequent schedule like Kids’ Food Basket does. I started to help Kids’ Food Basket because it is a good cause that I can participate in throughout the year. When I am packing the Sack Suppers, I like that it keeps me moving – it’s very methodical.” – K

“Here when you come to volunteer it feels like you get a lot done. You stay busy until you leave instead of standing around, which we like.” – M

What is your favorite part about volunteering at Kids’ Food Basket? 
“It’s a good time for my daughter and me to be together. It’s also fun to meet everyone volunteering.” – M

Do you have a favorite Kids’ Food Basket memory? 
“The all-day events were really great – the memory of buzzing with a lot of people. Now that we have come back and there can only be six of us and be spread out was a good, but different experience. During the summer it was fun being with the same group each week developing routines.” – M

Describe your experience with Kids’ Food Basket in one word:
“Fun.” – M

“Rewarding.” – K

What is one thing you learned while you were volunteering? 
“I did the Youth Action Board with Kids’ Food Basket last year and learned about food deserts.” – K

“Kay, the volunteer experience specialist, connected us to learn “Serve Safe.” It taught us about food insecurity – we learned more than we imagined.” – M

Favorite fruit or vegetable? 
“I love fruit! Apples and applesauce are great!” – K

“Apples.” – M

As a high school senior, what would you say to someone your age to get them to volunteer?
“I am here every week because I think it is a worthy cause. If you’re going to volunteer, do something you think is worthy. Kids’ Food Basket is an organization that directly impacts our community. Working close to home within our community is important. The mission is clear and transparent. It’s about the children and that’s it.” – K