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"I am 110% sure that the Sack Supper Program contributed to the increase of our test scores."

- Shawn Hurt, Former Principal at Edgewood Elementary School


In 2001, a Grand Rapids Public School principal witnessed some of her students digging through the trash for food to take home for dinner. Mary K. Hoodhood, a long-time advocate, heard this story and set into motion a grassroots community response: Kids’ Food Basket. In 2002, we started by serving 125 kids every weekday at three schools through our Sack Supper program. Today, we serve approximately 8,800 every day, but our work is not done.

We work for the day when every child is nourished. In 2012, we introduced our second location, replicating our proven Grand Rapids model to help serve and reach more children in need. With the help of the Muskegon community, Kids’ Food Basket introduced our Sack Supper program at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary in April 2012. Since then, Kids’ Food Basket has grown to serve approximately 1,300 children at six schools in Muskegon each weekday! The Kids’ Food Basket Muskegon Program is fully funded and supported by the Muskegon community. Click here to learn more about our Grand Rapids and Holland locations.

Phone: 231.747.8575

Address: 1011 2nd St. Muskegon, MI 49440, Central United Methodist Church

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Your Community’s Children Need You

There is nothing fun about childhood hunger, but changing the world can be fun! Jump in with Kids’ Food Basket and find out how you can start making the world a better place today!

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Kids’ Food Basket is a community solution to childhood hunger. Kids’ Food Basket engages all who care about children reaching their full potential – in school and in life. We attack childhood hunger through an innovative, multi-faceted approach. Learn about our programs here.

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Fueling Success Fueling Success Over a decade ago, Sibley Elementary was labeled by the state as a failing school. Today, the school is thriving. Scores are higher, and truancy has dropped. Kids’ Food Basket Sack Suppers were a key factor enabling students to focus on school, not hunger, and ensuring they have proper nutrition for brain development. Extra Ketchup Extra Ketchup Every day at school, Katie took a few ketchup packets from the lunchroom. When asked by a teacher why she does this, she shared, “When my grandma and I get enough packets, we make tomato soup.” How can Katie reach her potential without consistent, nutritious meals? On the Rise On the Rise Mr. Hurt, the Principal at Edgewood Elementary School, shared with us that his students increased their MEAP scores by 21%. Significant progress has been made, and with conviction, he is “110% sure that the Sack Supper Program contributed to the increase in the test scores."