Join Kids’ Food Basket’s monthly giving program!

Monthly gifts to Kids’ Food Basket are a sustainable and affordable way to make a difference throughout the year. Each month, your gift provides nourishing Sack Suppers, along with experiential learning and unique volunteer opportunities that empower thousands of youth to make healthy choices and create positive change.

With a monthly investment of any size, you join a passionate community who cares about nourishing local kids – a community that, together, can make incredible impact, like providing more than 5,000 nourishing Sack Suppers each month… and counting! This community is our Healthy Kids Club.

Healthy Kids Club members are more than just generous – they’re practical. They know that monthly gifts are:

  1. Sustainable – Kids’ Food Basket can spend less time fundraising, and more time expanding our services to nourish more children, helping them be their best. That’s what it’s all about!
  2. Affordable – give any monthly amount and make a big difference over the course of time. For instance, Just $11 a month can provide enough seeds to grow more than 100 pounds of fresh produce!
  3. Greater Together – you join a group composed of kind, passionate and generous people like you who give what they can to sustain Kids’ Food Basket’s mission, and consistently nourish children. Plus, members of this special group receive unique communications and opportunities to engage throughout the year!

Each month, your gift supports:

Bag Decorating
Support Our Events

Well-balanced evening meals called Sack Suppers that give kids the nourishment they need to thrive.

Access to healthy food and experiential learning on our 10-acre farm and facilities. Kids learn about fresh food and gain skills to make informed choices.

Volunteer service and leadership opportunities that empower youth to get involved in their communities to create positive change.

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