Trail mix, Snack Sacks, and Breakfast Bundles

Kids' Food Basket is fighting childhood hunger one Sack Supper at a time -- and there are so many ways you can join us! Every Sack Supper is a well-balanced nutritious meal containing items such as, a serving of fresh fruits or veggies, a meat or cheese sandwich, 100% fruit juice box, granola bar, and a healthy snack such as trail mix.

The snacks are a popular part of the Sack Supper, and they are an area where we need your help. Most snacks need to be prepared or repackaged from a bulk package. There are two ways you can help with creating snacks for the Sack Suppers:

Breakfast Bundles

Popcorn Project

Snack Sacks

Trail Mix


We're here to help you get involved! Let us know if your group is trying one of these projects and if you'd like some assistance in getting started.