Trail Mix

We have a recipe for some of the best trail mix in West Michigan! This is a great project for a large group. Your group will collect the ingredients, mix them, and then go to work scooping individual portions for Sack Suppers.


Please Note: All trail mix MUST be assembled in a facility licensed for food preparation. Hair and/or beard nets must be worn for this project. Please contact us with any questions.


Supply List

One of each of the following will make one tubs of trail mix - about 60 bags. Your group may make whatever amount of trail mix desired.

  • Large box of Cheerios (20 oz)
  • Box of Goldfish or other cheese crackers (14 oz)
  • Large bag of pretzels (16 oz.)
  • Bag of raisins (36 oz)


Items needed for assembling and packaging:

  • Snack size zipper lock bags
  • Food service gloves
  • 8-9 oz. plastic cups
  • Plastic party tubs or similar size boxes lined with clear plastic can liners



1.  In groups of 2 to 4 people, gather one of each item on the supply list.

2.  Wash hands and put on a pair of gloves.

3.  Mix all ingredients in large tubs.

4.  Place one scoop in a snack size bag (about fills the bag). Hint: it works best if one person scoops and the other person holds and seals the bag.

5.  One tub will make about 60 bags of trail mix.


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