Popcorn Project

This is a great project for groups! The repacked popcorn is served as a component of the Sack Suppers.


Please Note: All popcorn MUST be assembled in a facility licensed for food preparation. Hair and beard nets must be worn for this project. Please contact us with any questions.


Supply List

   Large bags of popcorn

   Zipper lock sandwich bags

   Food service gloves

   8-10 oz. plastic cups

   Plastic party tubs or similar size boxes lined with clear plastic can liners


Assembly Instructions

1.  Make sure everyone washes their hands and puts on a pair of gloves. Pull back any long hair into a pony tail.

2.  Pour large bags of popcorn into plastic tubs.

3.  Fill 8-10 oz. plastic cup to the top by dipping into the tub of popcorn.

4.  Pour this in to one zipper lock sandwich bag. Working in teams of two, one person can scoop and another can hold and close the bag.

5.  Fill the zipper lock sandwich bag 3/4 of the way full. Then squeeze out the air and make sure the bags are sealed tightly.

6.  Repeat until all the popcorn is gone.One large bag of popcorn should fill about 120 sandwich bags.



   Celebration Cinema sells popcorn to anyone leading a project for Kids' Food Basket for $12.50 per bag if you buy two. Please note, to provide one weeks notice before a project. The popcorn is available for pickup anytime Monday- Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. For more information or to order popcorn, contact Jenna Cook: jcook@celebrationcinema.com. (The Popcorn Company also sells popcorn in bulk).

   If doing this project with young children, have a parent involved with children at each station.


Need help or some ideas? Contact julie@kidsfoodbasket.org