Other Opportunities

There are so many ways to join the attack on childhood hunger! You can work alongside us at Kids' Food Basket packing Sack Suppers, put your creative side to work by decorating bags, or coordinate a project with your business, school or other group.  Please see the ideas below:

  • Sales: Host a bake sale, lemonade stand, garage sale, flea market, carnival, classroom store ... you get the idea--sell something! Do this in conjunction with a pre-established event to help drive traffic to your sale. Make a "Did you know...?" sign telling people that it takes less than a dollar to feed a child one Sack Supper.  Make sure you have permission where appropriate.
  • Fast: Collect pledges for your fast.  During the fast, collect monetary donations or items from Kids' Food Basket's Wish List. Afterward, gather at a central meeting location to spend time with your group watching movies, playing games, and keeping each other company while you fast.
  • Penny War: Compete with other classrooms in your school.  Designate a representative for each class or grade level.  This person will be in charge of collecting, counting change and updating each classroom on the standings.  The classroom with the most money collected at the end of the Penny War gets bragging rights.
  • Pop Can Drive: Ask your neighbors for their empty pop cans and bottles.  Hand them a Kids' Food Basket flyer when you knock on their door. Return the cans and bottles to a store where another crew is waiting to feed the cans into the machines. (Be aware that some stores may need to know in advance if you plan on returning high volumes of cans and bottles in one day.  They may have special rules about how much money you can collect per person per day.)
  • Wish List Drive: Collect items for Kids' Food Basket's Sack Suppers!  You can pass out KFB flyers and set up collection boxes at your community organization, church, local grocery store, work place, etc.
  • That Favorite "Something":  Give up any one of your favorites (coffee, take-out meals, etc.) for one month.  Donate the money you would have spent on this favorite something to Kids' Food Basket. Challenge your coworkers or family and friends to do the same.  Remember: the cost of each Sack Supper is $1.00.
  • In Lieu of a Gift: Make a donation to Kids' Food Basket in someone's name.  Kids' Food Basket will send that person a card to commemorate your gift and indicate how many meals have been provided from the donation. 
  • Cents for Suppers: Decorate a can and ask your family to put all of their spare change in it for one month.  Every little bit helps--it takes less than a dollar to make just one Sack Supper!
  • Casual Fridays or Cap Days: Advocate for (or offer) the opportunity for employees to wear casual clothes or for students to wear a hat by making a donation.  A donation would be required for one Friday of casual dress or hats.
  • Active-ities: Do something.  Hike for Hunger, hold a walk-a-thon, rock-a-thon, jump-a-thon, kick-a-thon ... you get the idea!
  • Pay Days: Pay to wear jeans, pjs, a hat or something unusual to work or school.  Do this in conjuction with a food or change drive.  Charge an amount appropriate to your group.
  • School Dances: Charge admission in the form of an item from the KFB Wish List.
  • Benefit Concerts or Sporting Events: Donate all proceeds from a special event you are hosting. Please note that third party fundraisers need to be approved by the Kids' Food Basket Fund Development committee.
  • Miracle Minute: Rally the half-time crowd at a sporting event.  Set the timer for a minute, designate students to collect donations from the fans in the bleachers until the timer sounds.
  • Hearts for Hunger, Butterflies for KFB: Sell construction paper heart or butterfly shapes. Buyers can display to show they bought a heart or butterfly to benefit KFB.  Stick with the Sack Supper theme and use brown paper sacks for the shapes.

There are so many ways to join the attack! Each donation contributes to your organization’s total goal for the year—so you can make an impact in any kind of event you host. 

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