For Teachers

One in four Michigan children goes hungry every day, and Kids’ Food Basket is working to change that. We’re the only organization in West Michigan dedicated to attacking childhood hunger.

Our Sack Suppers help kids get critical nutrition in a way that is safe and accessible to them – from their trusted teacher, right in the classroom. Sack Suppers are well-rounded, evening meals that kids take home at the end of the day. When paired with breakfast and lunch provided at school, Sack Suppers provide enough nutrition to help meet kids’ dietary requirements.

With your help, lunch doesn’t have to be the last meal of the day.

Teachers play a critical role in our Sack Supper program. You are on the frontline every day and understand the impact poor nutrition has on a student’s energy, concentration, and success. This is why we partner with teachers at schools in the following ways:

  • Help us identify kids who should receive Sack Suppers. Teachers and school-based social workers help us determine how many Sack Suppers your school needs by identifying the kids who may be suffering from poor nutrition. If you teach at a participating school and think a student may be suffering from poor nutrition, please contact your Kids’ Food Basket school coordinator.
  • Distribute Sack Suppers in your classroom. We understand that there is always a lot happening in your classroom, so we work hard to make participating in Kids’ Food Basket easy and meaningful. Each day, Sack Suppers will be delivered directly to your classroom, and you will simply need to hand out the suppers before the end of the school day.
  • Join our Teacher Liaison Committee. Because you know the kids and their needs, we want to hear from you. Our Teacher Liaison Committee provides important feedback about the program, creates new ways to engage teachers, and strengthens the relationship between Kids’ Food Basket and the schools served. 
  • Teach children about childhood hunger by encouraging them to visit our website.  Please find attached our KFB's website assignment that helps children learn about our mission.   

Help your students learn about hunger and be part of change.

Our Kids Helping Kids program helps kids understand the challenge of hunger and gives them the opportunity to lead projects that benefit fellow kids. This program is available for schools throughout greater Grand Rapids, including those that receive Sack Suppers and those that do not. There are many ways your classroom can get involved:

  • Decorate Sack Supper bags. We can provide you with blank sacks to decorate, or your class can purchase them.
  • Write thank you notes. A child’s voice can be one of the most powerful in ending childhood hunger. Teachers have had their students write notes about what Sack Suppers mean to them.
  • Pack suppers and make sandwiches. We pack suppers Sunday through Friday and make sandwiches Sunday through Thursday at our facility. Over over 175  are needed every day to make this happen, and it’s a great hands-on learning experience for kids. Please contact us to schedule a time.
  • Lead a pop can or penny drive. Your classroom or school can raise money to help purchase the food that makes Sack Suppers. There are many creative ways to make this a school learning experience. Please contact us if you have questions or would like some ideas.
  • Host a project in your classroom. We are happy to bring volunteer projects to your school, such as repacking trail mix. Working together, we’ll mix and portion out small bags of trail mix, which provide a healthy snack in each sack supper. We bring food, supplies, and a project leader from Kids’ Food Basket.

Go Orange for Hunger Day!

On March 27, 2015, Kids’ Food Basket will engage thousands of students in raising awareness for childhood hunger by encouraging them to wear orange, the official color of hunger awareness.

Ready to get involved?

Please join us in the attack on childhood hunger! Please contact us if your school does not participate in our Sack Supper program but you would like to learn how it can, or if you are interested in having your class participate in our Kids Helping Kids program.