Breakfast Bundles

Breakfast Bundles are an extra breakfast meal for children to eat on long weekends and over holiday breaks. Each bundle costs about $1 to $1.50 to make and must include each of the following in a quart size zipper lock baggie. This is an easy projects for groups of all ages and you can make any quantity you like.


Supply List

  • Single serving cereal box
  • Small 100% fruit juice box (less than 7 oz.)
  • Poptart pack / toaster pastry
  • Small Raisin box or 100% vitamin C Fruit Snack
  • Quart size ziplock bags


Assembly Instructions

Place one of each of the above items in a quart size bag and seal tight. Please use only quart size zipper lock bags as Breakfast Bundles will be packaged in the Sack Suppers or Break Bags. Once complete, you can drop them off at Kids’ Food Basket.

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