While we continue to provide critical services to kids in our community, Kids' Food Basket is also eager to step forward as a knowledgeable voice in the attack on childhood hunger. We regularly monitor statistics regarding hunger issues. Visit the resources below to learn more, or subscribe to our e-newsletter for updates.

  • Child Hunger Facts: Data and other resources from Feeding America (formerly America's Second Harvest).
  • Hunger in America 2014: A report from Feeding America, including the latest statistics on childhood hunger and definitions of child food insecurity.
  • Food Research and Action Center: Information about the initiative to end childhood hunger by 2015, including seven essential strategies.
  • Nutrition and Health Outcomes Associated with Food Insecurity and Hunger: A study by Cornell University explores how food insecurity and hunger relate to health and nutrition outcomes in food-rich countries such as the United States. It focuses on two subgroups of the population: women of childbearing age and school-age children.
  • Kent County: View the resources available to Kent County residents by visiting