"Thank you for the Sack Suppers! They help me run faster, play harder, and help me

 learn new things. Also they are nutritious for my body."

- Sincerely, Marquon

What can a dollar do?

Just one dollar each weekday ($20 monthly) allows you to sponsor a local child affected by hunger for an entire year, ensuring school lunch is never that child’s last meal. Through your support, a child will have daily access to nutritious Sack Suppers containing:

BRAIN FOOD from the five food groups, helping kids concentrate and stay on track in school

HEALTHY HABITS gained from receiving balanced food, instilling smart decisions lifelong 

A TOUCH OF LOVE from people like you whose current involvement and dedication helps local kids thrive


Do twice the good

Join the Sack Supper Club now through September and your year-long commitment will be matched by a generous Kids’ Food Basket donor.

You’ll help twice as many kids learn and live well.


Join the Sack Supper Club and nourish a child in the year ahead. 

Join Today!