Sack Decorating

Each week day, Kids' Food Basket delivers nearly 7,500  Sack Suppers to students throughout West Michigan. Not only do these Sack Suppers provide a well-rounded nutritious meal critical to the development of the brain and body, they also help brighten each child's day! Each sack is decorated with positive messages, holiday themes or cheerful illustrations. It takes a lot of love and support from volunteers like you to make these bags shine. If you are looking for a creative volunteer opportunity, especially for groups, this could be a great fit! Many church groups, kids groups, senior communities and others have enjoyed decorating Sack Supper bags.

Why is this important?

A teacher was doing a home visit where a child received Sack Suppers regularly. When he was showing her around, he proudly showed off his side of the room he shared with other siblings and the decorated brown paper bags on the walls. When the teacher asked why he had saved them, he answered, "Because they are mine." The little boy had saved dozens of brown paper bags which our volunteers decorated because although he may not have had much that solely belonged to him, he could call the bags his own.

Sarah Lang, a 3rd grade teacher at Sibley Elementary explained, "They love it when their bags come with pictures on them. They just think that's so cool! They dig through the bins looking for the decorated bags they like. They love it!


  • Purchase 8 lb. (or extra large) paper sacks to decorate. White or brown sacks can be purchased at Sam’s Club and GFS stores.
  • Decorate the bags using crayons and markers! This could be done in a group or as an individual project. Please keep in mind that many Sack Suppers will be going to public schools and therefore cannot contain any religious or political messages. (We would greatly appreciate if you refrained from using paint or glitter as it can come off in the food).
  • Need some ideas? You can decorate in theme for upcoming holidays. Please deliver bags two weeks before the holiday so they can be used on time. Some good themes/holidays include: Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, and Summer.
  • Deliver your decorated bags to Kids’ Food Basket.
  • Click here to print your very own instructions or to hand out to friends!