Host a Charity Golf Outing

Host a charity golf outing and nourish local kids in the year ahead! 

How do you want to attack childhood hunger?

There are unlimited ways to make an impact; here are a few ideas for giving.

Ticket sale proceeds. Donate a portion of proceeds from golfer registration fees so kids can learn and live well

Sponsorship. Acquire sponsors to fund your goal of ensuring that no child goes to be hungry

Silent Auction. Engage your local community by asking them to donate items for your attendees to bid on 

50/50. Host a 50/50 among your fellow golfers and get them excited about joining the attack on childhood hunger * License required

Raffle. Solicit items for a raffle and donate the proceeds. $1 = 1 Sack Supper for a child right here in your local community *License required

What can Kids' Food Basket do for you?

  • Kids' Food Basket Representative. We would love to come visit your golf outing to share our mission and thank attendees for joinging the attack on childhood hunger!
  • Example of Sponsorship Opportunities. If this is your first golf outing or you're looking to shake things up we can provide you with sample sponsorship opportunities for your event. 
  • Promotional Materials. We can provide you with banners and posters to display in addition to informational postcards, buttons, and more for your golfers!
  • Sample Budget. In addition to sponsorship samples, we can provide you with a budget of how to set up and plan financial cost for your golf outing, including charitable gaming license accounting. 
  • Promotion of Your Golf Outing. We can help promote your golf outing through our website and social media leading up to the day of the event. We are also able to draft a press release for you discretion. 
  • License. Kids' Food Basket is happy to file for a Charitable Gaming License through the State of Michigan funded by you for your 50/50 or raffle, unless your organization qualifies to obtain the license yourself as a 501(c)(3).

Charitable Gaming License Guidlines

Any raffles or 50/50s require a Charitable Gaming License from the State of Michigan. Kids' Food Basket is able to apply for these licenses as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; we will need eight weeks to secure the license in addition to the license fee. To find out what is considered a raffle, cost of specific license you will need, and other information, visit    

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