Mapping Hunger in West Michigan

One in five Michigan children is food insecure. The average rate of students living at or near the poverty level at Sack Supper schools is 90%. Teachers witness students failing to thrive due to poor nutrition. A lack of consistent, nutritious food limits cognitive development and leaves kids unable to concentrate in school. Additionally, without healthy food, children can demonstrate behavioral issues like irritability, aggression, and anxiety. 

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What can you do?

  • $1 = 1 Sack Supper. Sack Suppers support proper development of a child's brain and body by giving them the nutrition they need to learn and live well. Each Sack Supper includes one serving of fresh fruits and vegetables, a meat or cheese sandwich, and two healthy snacks. Thanks to the generosity and support of our can-do community, nearly 7,500 children will receive their third meal of the day. 

  • Use the buttons below to contact us about taking a school off the waiting list, or to learn more about how we map hunger in West Michigan.