A Community Who Cares

Kids’ Food Basket is made up of members of our community who are dedicated to seeing kids reach their potential.

Every weekday, volunteers fund, pack, decorate and deliver Sack Suppers to schools and classrooms so that every child can safely receive one.

What is the Sack Supper?

A Sack Supper is a free, daily, well-balanced evening meal full of the nutritious food children need to be their best.

Every Sack Supper contains:

• One serving of fruit

• One serving of vegetables

• One serving of protein

• Healthy snack

Sack Suppers help children grow in mind and body while teaching healthy eating habits. Please contact us or speak to your child's teacher for more information about how your child can receive a daily Sack Supper. 

We want to hear from YOU!

Gain Resources
Kids' Food Basket provides Sack Suppers to nourish children so they can thrive, but there are a variety of complementary food programs that provide support to parents and guardians looking for additional resources.  

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Share Your Story 
Parents and Guardians have powerful voices. By sharing your experiences, together we can help others understand the truths of childhood hunger.  

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Share Your Skills
Whether you’re interested in volunteering for an hour at a Kids’ Food Basket site or helping spread the word on attacking childhood hunger, we would love to have you. 

Click here to contact us to join the Family Engagement Initiative.